Research, Restoration & Sale

of Original American Bags

from 1930s to 1960s


A brand is not a logo to be shown, but a statement that places the item in space and time by which the item itself gains value over the years. 

Historic brands of high-quality manufacturers of the mid-2oth century, original and innovative design models, experimental material productions of the 1960s, microbeaded and hand-embroidered handbags-gem, models with special decoration techniques and lucile iconic purses.  A meticulous and coherent choice to propose something unusual or ever seen, to reinterpret the cliche of the vintage through curious and original perspectives.

"A Bag to Heaven" searches and imports directly from the United States to offer the customer original and documented products. Each item is in fact provided with documentation demonstrating originality and provenance, info about brands and material, official documents and patents (when available). 

No brand is altered or counterfeited. Any restoration aims to return the purse to the best possible conditions, without altering the originality of the model. Any restoration makes use only of professional products of leather goods. 


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